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I laid out my clothes and jumped into the shower. I didn't know what he had planned, but everything must be perfect! I shaved my legs and my pussy and washed with the floral cleanser that left my skin so soft and fragrant. After applying my makeup, I moved into the bedroom and began to dress. After some debate as to panties or no panties, I decided on no panties, so I put on my black bra and matching garter belt, attached the stockings and slipped into my black heels.

I sprayed just a hint of perfume into my hair, onto my tummy and behind my knees. I then slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up. It was now just about 6:00 and I felt so excited and so feminine. The door bell rang and I answered in astonishment as there was a man at the door I had never seen. He was dressed in a black uniform, called me by name and asked if I was ready. I looked past him to see a huge limo parked in front of the house. I told him I guessed I was and to let me get my purse. As I locked my door and turned back to the man, he held out a black silk scarf and told me he had been instructed to blindfold me. I reluctantly agreed, as the mystery was almost more than I could stand, and he led me to the limo. As I approached the vehicle, someone opened the door for me and helped me inside.

I was handed a champagne flute which had been filled with non-alcoholic champagne. The man inside the limo explained that my husband would be meeting us at our destination, and asked if I would like a chocolate-covered strawberry. I took one, which is decadent! We drove for what seemed like a half-hour when the limo came to a stop. My door was opened immediately and someone took my hand to help me out of the car. I was led up a short flight of stairs and came to a door, which was opened as I approached. I was led inside where I heard soft music and was greeted with wonderful aromas. My husband greeted me with a slow, sensual kiss and asked if I enjoyed my ride. I told him it was wonderfully mysterious and asked him when I got to see where I was. He told me "All in due time, my dear" and asked me to trust him.

Scott told me how beautiful I was and asked if I would like more champagne. Someone handed me another almost before I could respond to the question. My husband kissed me again and reached around my back, slowly unzipped my dress, and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it as he led me in a few feet more and leaned me against what felt like a very soft bed. I was so excited and wet between my thighs, I was sure I would cum before he ever even touched my pussy. My bra was undone and it fell to the floor as well. He laid me down ever so gently, and began to kiss me again, soft and sensual, with purpose and passion. It was then that I felt someone else's tongue begin to lick the inside of my thigh. Still blindfolded, I could only imagine who this other person was, though I truly had no idea. I only knew how incredibly excited I was!

My husband kissed my breasts, sucked my nipples, and teased them with his tongue. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even realize that someone had raised my arms above my head and tied my wrists to the bedposts. My husband asked if I was enjoying the evening so far. I managed only to moan my enjoyment and it was then that I realized that my ankles had been tied also. I panicked, but my husband whispered to me to relax in breathless kisses. He told me he would never let anything, or anyone, hurt me, and I could stop the evening anytime with a simple "No". He had never given me reason to doubt him in the last ten years, so I relaxed and put myself in his hands. The aromas I noticed when I came in had gotten stronger, and smelled wonderful, though I couldn't quite put my finger on the origin of them.

My husband asked if I was hungry, and I said that I was, a little. He told me to take a bite. I did. It was the most decadent pastry I had ever had with some sort of meat in the center. Beef, no wait, pork, I thought. He followed that with a bite of wonderfully soft and creamy mashed sweet potatoes. He continued feeding me until I couldn't eat another bite. I asked him "What's for dessert?" and he told me that I was about to find out. The next thing I knew, something warm and sticky was being drizzled over me beginning at my toes and my fingers and meeting in the middle at my belly button, then drizzled down into my pussy. I felt fingers and tongues all over my body, tasting and teasing what seemed to be every inch of me. I couldn't help but writhe in excitement. Someone was between my legs devouring my pussy, inside and out.

Someone else licked and nibbled my nipples. Someone else was paying detailed attention to my belly button. How many of them were there? How many fingers and tongues? How long did I have to endure this exquisite torture before someone fucked me? I couldn't stand it any longer and screamed out for someone to please fuck me! NOW! And no sooner did I scream out the plea, but my wrists and my ankles were freed. I was flipped over and placed on all fours. Someone was underneath me sucking and nibbling my clit. Someone else was under me suckling my nipples, and a third person was behind me fucking me doggie-style and playing with my anus. It didn't take long until I was screaming in orgasm, the most intense, incredible orgasm I could ever imagine! It seemed like it lasted forever and I finally collapsed in total ecstasy!

My blindfold was removed to find my husband, his best friend, and two of my fuck buddies. I saw that they had been videotaping the whole thing. My husband took the video tape out of the camera, handed it to me and said, "Happy Birthday, Honey! Are you having a nice time?"

We're in Bob's home and the men escorted me to the basement pool room where we met up with a group of our friends, some with dates and spouses and some without. We all crowded into this big long room. It's a very big room and I would guess there were probably 15 or so other people, mostly men, in there. About an hour had gone by and we were getting pretty rowdy when my husband and I decided we're going to shoot some pool. We were about half way into the game when one of the guys still sitting around the table commented on my long legs and "sweet" ass under that little black mini skirt I was wearing. It was time for me to make another shot, so I chose a ball center table and the pocket at the far left corner. I rose to my toes and bent over the table to make the shot, when the guy, still watching me, noticed I didn't wear any panties under that little black mini.

He told me to wait and let him help me with the shot. He got up and came up flush behind me where I was sure to feel his hard cock on my ass. As he was "helping" me with the shot I was about to make, he whispered that he wanted to eat my pussy and suck my clit and then fuck me right there in the room. I looked him in the eyes and teasingly told him he was not man enough. I made that shot, and the next two, and excused myself and went to the 'Ladies' room. When I returned, I noticed that this guy and my husband were at the end of the room talking, so I walked up to them. My husband put his arm around me, drew me close, kissed me, and said they had a surprise for me. I smiled and asked him what it was. He wouldn't tell me, but they took me back over to the pool table and my husband turned me toward him and gave me a very deep, very sensual kiss and lifted me onto the pool table.

The other guy took out a scarf and blindfolded me with it. My husband spread my legs and stepped between them, laid me down on the table and raised my arms above my head. He gently held me there and began kissing me deeply and gently, while this other guy bound my wrists with what felt like another scarf. Next, I felt my ankles being bound with me spread eagle to the other guests. By this time, the suspense had become extremely exciting and a little frightening at the same time, as I didn't know what was coming next. I felt my dress being pulled off and my bra, with its front closure, being undone. My husband stepped away, and I felt nothing but the cool air on my breasts and pussy. I tried to close my legs and realized my ankles had been bound apart. I could hear people talking and whooping, though I couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

My head was reeling and the noise was so loud. Then, I could hear them moving around me. After a few minutes, someone took my left breast in their mouth and began sucking and nibbling with tiny little bites. I immediately felt myself getting wet. The excitement was building beyond belief. I felt a tongue circling my right breast, and more nibbling. Someone was licking my clit and I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I was so wet! I felt a tongue go deep in my pussy and the next thing I knew, my husband was taking bets on how long it would take for me to cum! I heard him tell the crowd around me that the winner goes next and could choose to eat me, fuck me, or have someone else eat me or fuck me, their choice. In the meantime, he said, they could take turns with my tits.

I could hear both men and women cheering the participants on, and both are placing bets. I couldn't stand it any longer and I came harder than I could ever have imagined. I heard someone call out a time, and a woman's voice cheered. The next player stepped up for a turn at me and I felt another tongue on my hot wet clit, then another and another. I was relieved when at last, I heard a woman yell "Fuck her baby, I want a picture!"

I wanted to feel a cock inside me so bad. This must have gone on for hours. Finally, the room got quiet and I was exhausted from all those orgasms, yet exhilarated with the excitement. The only ones left in the room now were my husband, his friend (the one that whispered that he wanted to eat me and then fuck me right there), Bob, the owner of the place, and me. Bob said that some of the other men would return after they took their wives or girlfriends home. My husband took off the blindfold, but left me bound and told me there was just one more thing. The other guy, Larry, leaned over me, kissed me gently and said it was his turn. He then kissed his way down my breasts and belly and lingered between my legs for a long time, kissing and nibbling and sucking. He inserted his tongue deep into my pussy, withdrew, and plunged it in again.

He brought me right to the edge, stood, leaned over me again for a passionate kiss and asked me if I was ready. When I breathlessly said I was, he rolled me on my belly and plunged his cock into my slick, wet pussy and fucked me like a wild horny college kid. I rolled onto my back and now Larry was on top. He kissed my shoulders and slowly worked his way down to my breasts. I could feel my nipples get hard and the dampness between my legs became a torrent as I fantasized about his tongue on my clit. My pussy begged for the oral caress, but I did not know how to communicate this. I reached up and put my hand behind his neck to guide his head toward my most intimate spot. I was so aroused by the sight of his nude body. It was much sexier than my first glimpse. His skin was very pale and hairless. My hands moved lustily over his chest and over his nipples.

I could not stop! The sensation of his smooth skin and warmth was like the caress of cashmere and silk. It felt of luxury and security. My hands moved lower and lower following the curve of his back down to the outline of his butt cheeks. I grabbed each with a hand and squeezed. They were so firm. Larry made no attempt to restrain my fondling of his body. I could see that he enjoyed it, but I was not sure how to continue. When I looked down, I could see the faint outline of his fully erect member in the soft light. It was huge and twitching as if it was throbbing. I reached down and slowly made my way past the coarse black hairs until I could touch the base of his balls. My hand cupped his balls and moved to the base of his member. I could feel him shiver and pull away. I grabbed harder and moved closer as he rolled onto his back.

I licked the head of his member and it became stiff. I could taste his pre-come. It was warm and masculine. I proceeded to lick his shaft from the base to the head. He gasped and clenched my arms in pleasure. This made me even more excited, because I knew I was in complete control. With each oral stroke, I could sense his helpless pleasure. My sense of power was intoxicating. I altered my strokes. Some slow and deep and then some fast and hard. Then I would stop and see longing eyes as he anticipated my next stroke. I could tell by the throbbing of his cock that he was about to blow. I wanted him to come in my mouth and to feel his body shiver in ecstasy, but he was not ready. Like a gentleman, he wanted to make sure I had the first orgasm! He grabbed my hands at the wrists and rolled me onto my back.

His tongue moved down my belly tickling my belly button. My legs were spread as his mouth moved over my neatly shaved mound toward my vaginal lips. They were red and swollen. I was so horny! When his tongue first touched my labia, a wave of anticipation swept my body. I wanted to close my legs but his body prevented this. I tried to push his head away, but his firm grip on my hands prevented this. Now I knew what he must have felt when I teased his member. He proceeded to rub my pussy lips with his wet tongue and lips, gently at first and then growing in pressure. His tongue probed deeper and deeper. My body tightened up in anticipation of a massive orgasm. Unlike the previous orgasms, this one seemed to build and build. The tension radiated from my pussy to my legs and stomach until it reached every portion of my body.

I was sensitive everywhere; I had never felt like this before. His tongue now moved my pussy lips back and forth, faster and faster. I struggled against his grip, wanting to break away but also wanting him to continue, to dominate me and to satisfy his lust. This would give me the excuse to ravage his body. When his tongue slipped above my pussy lips and found my clit, the intensity of the sensation was unbearable. I felt the orgasm coming, but this one was more intense than ever. It was as if every part of my body was being made love to and was on the verge of orgasm. Finally, the orgasm came. My pussy convulsed in spasms and the intense feeling radiated outwards to my legs and up to my breasts. My body felt flushed and feverish and became extremely sensitive. It was as if my entire body was one giant clitoris. Every touch sent a spasm that rippled like a wave.

I arched my back and screamed out in orgasm. "Oooooohhhhhh. Ooooohhhoooo." He did not stop, but continued to suck harder. After the first wave, the orgasms continued, each with a greater intensity. My pussy became more and more sensitive until I could not bear his touch. It was like a sharp pain, but a good pain! I finally broke free and pushed his head away. I curled up into a fetal position and covered my vagina to try to protect that sensitive area. I breathed heavily as the spasms gradually subsided. I was covered in perspiration. When I had recovered, Larry gently kissed me, rolled me on my back and then proceeded to penetrate me with his huge cock. I was still very sensitive, but was too tired to stop. I wasn't afraid of the size of his cock because I had experienced one as big before.

Surprisingly, it slipped in with ease because my pussy was soaking wet and saturated with the others cum. He proceeded gently, easing his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. I felt the fullness in my pussy when he had fully penetrated me. We kissed and held each other tight as we exchanged the sweat from our bodies. The odor was sharp but arousing. Our bodies slid up and down, as his member probed the depths of my pussy. We breathed heavily and our minds were lost in a trance. I could feel anther orgasm approaching and I sensed that he was about to come too. He exploded in a violent orgasm, as he pumped my pussy full of his hot cum. A moment later I came again, not as violent as the first time but more pleasurable. It seemed to last forever. I could feel him continue to probe my pussy with his erection. Each stroke brought a gentle sensation until we both collapsed in a pool of sweat.

As I sat up on the edge of the pool table, my bra fell to the floor. I knelt to pick it up and I looked up and Bob was right in front of me. He said, "Hi there!" and was rubbing a very big bulge in his pants. I smiled and said "Well Hello!" back; we both knew what was next. He guided my hand to his crotch and it was like a magnet. I was very curious about the cock in there and after feeling it swelling, I had to get it out. Wow what a cock! I could not get my hand around it and it was growing very quickly. I shifted to a better kneeling position and wrapped my lips around this piece of meat and starting sucking ....mmmmmm, I hadn't seen a cock like this in a while. It was over 10 inches with bulging veins; just fantastic. He leaned against the wall and enjoyed the head I was giving him. Believe me, he could tell he had one cock hungry horny blonde attacking him and did not need to do much.

I worked his shaft, stroked it and shoved his massive cock as far down my throat as I could get it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone else come in. It was his brother. Well out comes his cock next, and it was not as big as the other guys, but a very respectable eight inches or so, and quite thick. I put one hand on him and sucked him a little bit, but I was intent on finishing off Bob, as he was about to cum. I was working hard to get that load and his knees were starting to shake. I grabbed his balls and gave a gentle rub, and sucked/stroked hard. His breath increased and I felt him spurt, and he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and shot it in my open mouth and all over my face. I was putting on a show and moaning, "Wow, that was tasty!" I licked off my lips and he smeared the cum on my face even more.

I heard his brother next and he was about to blow. I pulled up my chest and asked him to cum on my 36DD's, which I held up for him invitingly. He unloaded a very healthy, multi-squirt warm load, as he was quite turned on by the show me and his brother were putting on. It didn't take him long. That hot cum felt great on my nipples and was dripping off my tits. Taking one in each hand, my head was spinning, as I sucked both cocks clean and hated to see them go. Three guys from earlier had just walked into the basement and joined the others; apparently after leaving their spouses/girlfriends home and returning to the party. I told all three of them that I wanted to fuck them. The younger guy stood up in between my legs and slid his cock in me first. As he did, I arched my back, while the other two men sat on each side of me on the edge of the table.

Occasionally, I would reach over and stroke their cocks for them while I was getting fucked. As the younger guy uncontrollably pounded his hips in me, I moaned to my husband while looking him in the eyes, "Oh, I am coming again baby", and had another convulsing orgasm. After I came, so did the younger guy. He pulled out and squirted cum all over the bar stool and floor. I reached over and grasped the older of the three guys cock. I told him his cock was so fat and thick, I didn't know if I could handle it. He stood up and laid back on the pool table, and motioned for me to come over. As I was walking over, he asked if they could all three be in my hot sexy body at once. I said in a sexy voice with a laugh, "I don't know if I can handle all three at once!" He promised to be gentle.
As I said okay, I climbed on top of him, and eased just the tip of his fat cock head between my pussy lips, getting his cock nice and wet before he entered my pussy. While I was lubing his thick cock up with my pussy juice, the other guy leaned over the side of the table and started licking my already wet anus. He licked and fingered my ass really good, loosening it up for his cock. While doing so, I arched my hips giving him better access, while continuing to rub my pussy on the other guy's fat cock. I gave them a nod, to let them know I was ready, and as the guy positioned himself behind me, the man under me slid the tip of his fat cock-head in my pussy. Just a couple of seconds later, the man behind me probed my anus with the tip of his cock. As the guy under me slowly sank his thick shaft in inch by inch, I could see my pussy lips being stretched out wider than ever, squeezing his cock tight while I was moaning loudly with sounds of joy.

Momentarily, the man behind me was sliding his shaft deeper and deeper in my ass. Just as they both sank their cocks balls deep all the way in me, I moaned out to Scott, "Ooooh, mmmmm baby this feels so damn good, their cocks are stretching and filling me full!" And just as they both started to slowly fuck me simultaneously in a good rhythm, I moaned to the guy beneath me while humping both of their cocks. "Yes that's it, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me hard and deep, Oh fuck yes! Oh damn baby I going to cum on both their cocks". Then both my openings spasmed and clinched their cocks, as I humped them and had my third convulsing orgasm. As they both continued to fuck me a little faster and harder, my cries of pleasure had my husband's cock oozing with cum. The younger guy's cock (who was the first to fuck me) was hard again at this point, and as he stood up on the pool table, and I eagerly sucked his cock, while the other two men continued to give me the fucking of my life.

The man beneath me pulled out and shot off on the pool table, and I moaned yes as I continued to suck the cock in front of my face. Shortly after that, I informed the other two men that I wanted to change positions. I got up and walked over to Scott and started sucking his throbbing and oozing cock for him. As I was sucking his cock, he told me how hot and fucking sexy I was. I arched my back with my ass in the air, and told them they each could have a little more of my pussy, while I sucked my husband's cock. The early thirties guy mounted me first because he had not got to cum yet. He rapidly fucked my pussy, pounding his hips in me. He came shortly after entering my hot pussy. I continued to squeeze and lick my husband's shaft. As the younger man, slid his cock in me, I moaned around Scott's throbbing cock and continued to suck and stroke it.

After a few moments of fucking, once again, he squirted his load. The older gentleman had recuperated at this point and positioned himself behind me. He started to slide his thick throbbing member in my sloppy wet pussy. I continued to suck and stroke my husband while telling him how good the guy's thick cock felt in my pussy. Scott's cock was throbbing and he was on the verge of shooting his load deep in my throat. As the grabbed my hips and started pounding me from behind, I was moaning to Scott how it felt so good for him to stretch and fuck my pussy. By the sounds of my pussy farts, I could tell I was about to cum again for the forth time. As he rammed his cock in me, Scott's cock would slide further down my throat, giving me a big mouthful. I would push my hips back toward him meeting his thrusts.

I told my husband I wanted him to cum in my mouth while I came on the other man's cock. As my fourth orgasm gripped and spasmed around his cock, Scott shot a huge load down my throat as I attempted to swallow it all, with some dripping down my chin. With my clenching pussy milking his cock, he gave a deep groan and quickly pulled out to shot his cum on my ass. I sat on the pool table and motioned for the next man to come to me and he did. I slowly undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. I grabbed his big cock and started to stroke it. I looked around and there were now about 20 men stroking their cocks watching me and the man I was with. I had him (I will call him Jim) lie on the table and I took his 11" cock in my mouth. I put Jim's head in my lips and slowly slid up and down his shaft.

Jim was moaning loudly as I slid faster and faster down his cock, it quivered with excitement. My clit was so swollen and jerky to the touch, all of a sudden I felt a warm tongue caressing my clit and I looked down and Dave was lapping my pussy like a puppy for milk. The other men were stroking their cocks wildly watching. Suddenly I sat up and climbed on top of Jim and started to grind my hips into him. I asked Dave to climb up and let me suck his cock. Dave stood over Jim and stuck his cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me. I looked back at the other men and told them to join in. One minute later there were men all around me, as I was taking turns sucking and stroking all of them. By this time I was so excited, I just wanted to be fucked by every man in the room. I had a cock in my mouth, in my pussy and in my ass fucking me nine ways to Sunday.

Jim started to cum inside my pussy and I could feel the hot sticky load being shot inside me and loved every minute of it. Jim went and got a beer and came back to watch. After about 4 hours, I was covered in cum from all the men. I was fucking the final 3 men, and by this time my pussy was so raw and sore, but I didn't care. All of a sudden all three men came at the same time. I had a huge load shot inside my pussy, inside my ass and down my throat. We finished and then someone brought me a beer. What a birthday party!

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